Ten Acre is Vegetarian

Are you looking for a scrumptious vegetarian snack? If you’re tired of the same old flavourless meat-free crisps on offer, or are desperate to try some vibrant fresh popcorn, then we might be able to help here at Ten Acre.

Ten Acre crisps and popcorn are produced with the finest ingredients and made to perfection, and all of our wonderfully flavoured vegetarian snacks are packed with flavours so delicious they melt in your mouth.

Our Ten Acre range is sold in a wide variety of flavours, with customers being able to choose from hand cooked crisps flavours such as: The Secret of Mr Salt, crunchy crisps with a delicate dusting of salt; whilst the wonderfully cheesy, The Story of When the Cheese Met the Onion are a huge favourite amongst many vegetarian snackers. Enjoy the explosion of flavours in When Bombay got Spicy; the heavenly herby yet meat-free, How Chicken Soup Saved the Day; or the seriously smoky When Hickory got BBQ’d. Try Ten Acre’s version of flavour favourite The Amazing Adventures of Salt and Vinegar; our sweet and fiery When the Chilli got Sweet or the fusion of oriental flavours in our award-winning The Day Sweet and Sour Became Friends. All of our flavours may be very different, however, we ensure that each individual crisp is packed with crunch, full of flavour and hand cooked with love!

If you’re more of a popcorn enthusiast, you’ll definitely want to give our original flavours a try! Enjoy the sweet and creamy Cornelius Popperley’s Sour Cream & Chive; the sublime and zesty Captain Theodore’s Lime & Sea Salt or the citrus infused Cousin Maisie’s Fennel & Lemon. Or if you’re feeling daring, why not dive into a packet of Ambrose Popperley’s Wasabi popcorn, a tasty flavour with a real kick. If you’re more of a traditional popcorn fan, then Aunty Winifred’s Sweet & Salty will be right up your street!

Our entire production line is not only Vegetarian but also Gluten Free, MSG Free, Vegan Society approved and Halal and Kosher certified – snacks for everyone to enjoy! Each packet is inspected for quality and produced in the UK to the very highest standards in a BRC approved factory. To ensure that we are always aware of our customers’ desires and requirements, we work closely with a number of organisations including The International Gluten-Free Certification Organisation (GFCO), The Vegan Society, The Vegetarian Society and the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Vegetarian Society