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Story Telling Prize

Ten Acre V Short Story

Literature and storytelling runs through the DNA of Ten Acre Snacks.  

Ten Acre are proud sponsors of Veganuary2017, and what better way to celebrate than by hosting another story-writing competition?

During the month of Veganuary (previously known as January) we asked you to share your short story with us, and you didn’t disappoint!

The Ten Acre V Short Story.

 We asked you to send your #TenAcreVShortStory and tell us anything to do with Veganuary. Your favourite new flavour, how you are feeling, a poem – anything! As long as it is related to the Veganuary campaign and you keep it short, we wanted to hear it!

Judged by the Ten Acre Villagers and The Mayor of Ten Acre, Sebastian Salt, the winning #TenAcreVShortStory was created by Glenda Profit – congratulations!


When sitting in the cinema a pondering on the plot,

I decided that the snacks being offered were lacking quite a lot.

No flavour to savour, no crisp to their crunch,

It wasn’t even vegan so hubby could not munch.

We left quite disheartened our tummies unfed,

but stop, who’s that waiting at home? It’s Aunt Winifred!

She’ll cheer us up with her sweet and salty ways,

From now on it’s DVD’s, Auntie Winifred, happy tummies – oh happy days!


Storytelling is an important part of life here in Ten Acre – we will have more literature events and writing opportunities very soon. We always love to hear from Ten Acre fans, please email with your stories, questions or simply to find out more about the wonderful world of Ten Acre!


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