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Penelope lived and breathed tennis, a precocious talent with great ambitions. She had beaten every serious tennis player, of all ages, to be found in Ten Acre and Chuffley. In the grand scheme of things not a bad achievement for a twelve year old. Wimbledon was her dream, just watching would never be enough for this girl; her place was on the court.

She trained hard every day, before and after school, the weekends were usually dominated by tennis tournaments. Her bedroom wall was adorned with rackets, awards and pictures of her favourite sports heroes that had been carefully cut out of magazines and newspapers.

One day, whilst on a long training run, day dreaming of her last wonderful trip to Wimbledon, she paused for a few moments and attracted by the wonderful fragrance began to pick wild strawberries from a hedgerow at the furthest edge of the popcorn orchards. They were so succulent that Penelope slowly savoured a mouthful and in a moment of inspiration picked popcorn from the nearest tree.

Delighted with the result, but realising something was still missing she raced back to the house and burst in to see Perry Scrumptiously, the Popperley’s head popping chef.

She breathlessly told him of her idea and together they found the freshest cream from the farm and mixed the perfect treat. The result was everything she imagined it could be, but she still asked Perry to keep it a secret. After a restless night’s sleep Penelope went down to the kitchens as soon as she could in the morning with a great idea for a surprise for everyone. So she and Perry worked tirelessly to prepare an enormous batch of the new flavour of popcorn.

The reason behind Penelope’s love of tennis probably started with the famous Popperley family Wimbledon Day tennis party, which was held each year on finals weekend and in recent years a giant screen would be used for all the family and friends to watch in awe alongside their own mini tournament. Penelope was so excited that year that she could hardly concentrate on her own play and was mysteriously dropping points and even games. Everyone was asking whether she was all right!

She managed to contain herself until the big final was about to start and when, as she and Perry Scrumptiously had arranged, trays and trays of popcorn bags were brought out for everyone to eat.

Such was the success of the wonderful new flavour that Penelope’s dream of Wimbledon Day fame was to be realised even before her tennis career had properly started.

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