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The discovery of the Americas drew many from all walks of life including a young Cornelius Popperley. He had secured passage to the new world utilising his skills as an apothecary. Once there he put his talent to good use as he went from settlement to settlement in search of adventure; he did this until he ran out of settlements and was faced with a very wild west.

Cornelius was left with only a cow called Ivy as a companion; she was not great at conversation, her milk was of poor quality but she pulled Cornelius’ worldly possessions behind her in a cart without complaint. She had been gifted to Cornelius for saving the life of a little girl. Humble as she may have seemed she was a very generous gift from those who had little to give but were so insistent that Cornelius had to graciously accept.

When passing herds of Bison on the open prairie Cornelius wondered at the breathtaking beauty of the wilderness around him. He found that the sour cream Ivy’s milk produced and the wild chives that grew all over the prairies were a wonderful tasty indulgence, but it seemed to lack something… his gourmet aspirations were set aside one day when he found a lone Popowa Indian.

This particular young man was ravaged by a pox and was in a frightful state.

With great care Cornelius tended his new patient to the best of his abilities; with cleverness and humanity a life was saved and a friendship forged. The Indian’s name was Popum and he was the Chief’s son.

His mission had been to find a cure for his people who were suffering from the same dreadful affliction that he had and it looked like the cure had found him.

Cornelius and Popum returned to the Popowa settlement and his ministrations were effective.

The unlikely hero, in a tricorn hat riding a cart pulled by a cow, had saved their lives. In gratitude they rewarded him with their highest honour, being adopted as Chief’s son, and made him privy to their closest secret, the location of the hidden Popowa valley.

It was there that the unique Popowa popping trees bloomed and fruited perfect popcorns, which by wonderful happenstance went beautifully with his sour cream and chives.

He spent many a year among the Popowa even taking a beautiful wife called Theodorahontas (Theodora for short) and eventually returned with her to his ancestral home of Ten Acre, bringing with him the secret of the unique Popowa popcorn trees and founded the now famous Popperley popcorn orchard.

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