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Birthday celebrations in Ten Acre!

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Birthday celebrations in Ten Acre!

It’s our birthday and we’re all very excited.
And you, our wonderful residents
are cheerfully invited!

The party will begin on Friday,
and will be easy to find.
Simply visit the Ten Acre village,
on social and online!

Join us at this wonderful time, grab a snack with cheer.
Come celebrate in Ten Acre Village,
in honour of our third birthday year!

It’s our birthday!  (In case you didn’t guess)

To celebrate, the Ten Acre Villagers are throwing a party in the village. We’ve arranged for bunting around the town hall, plenty of tantalisngly tasty snacks, and Millicent Sour has even agreed to make some of her famous sour lemon sorbet.

Of course no birthday in Ten Acre would be complete without you, the residents!

Join us on Twitter (@10Acre) and Instagram (@ten_acre_snacks) on Friday 31st March 2017, for celebrations galore, competitions and party scenes from the Village.

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